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10 All Time Favorite Cricketers of England

England Best Cricket Players

Cricket is not just a sport but a whole new world for the die-hard cricket fans. “Cricket” is known to be a sport but this game displays dedications, commitments and consistency, not just by the players but also by the fans. Cricket is the national sports of England and it has grown a lot since then. Although England does not have a team of its own, it has collaborated with the Wales team and plays regular matches.

Over the years cricket bats have transformed drastically to meet the current requirements of fast-paced cricket. Competition between bat manufacturers has increased significantly. Some of the most famous manufacturers are:

1) Saren Sports Industry
2) Gunn & Moore (GM)
3) Kookaburra Sport
4) Spartan Sport (GM)
5) Sanspareils Greenlands (SG)

Cricket is a sport played widely in England. 10 outstanding players from the UK who have helped us reach ultimate goals and records are:

Len Hutton

An extremely talented cricket player. Even a broken arm didn’t hamper his scores!

Len Hutton - England Cricket Players

Kevin Pietersen

Pietersen exhibited incomparable talent, he was featured in Ashes successes and World Cup triumphs.

Kevin Pietersen - England Cricket Players

Sir Ian Botham

He has been one of the most important players of England who achieved numerous victories. Known as England’s highest wicket-taker.

Sir Ian Botham - England Cricket Players

Fred Trueman

The first cricketer ever to reach 300 Test match wickets. Trueman’s bowling was rapid, leaving batsmen uncomfortable throughout their innings.

Fred Trueman - England  Cricket Players

Bob Willis

He was a true team man throughout his cricket career. Willis was greatly respected throughout his playing career.

Bob Willis - England Cricket Players

James Anderson

England’s leading Test wicket-taker and quite simply the best swing bowler in the history of the sport, James Anderson is a master with a new ball in his right hand.

James Anderson - England Cricket Players

Ben Stokes

Known for his impeccable ability to turn loses into victories on a given day.Stokes takes over matches in all three formats - often the best batsman, bowler or fielder on a given day.

Ben Stokes - England Cricket Players

Sir Alastair Cook

Cook has always been England’s all-time leading run scorer and the longest serving Captain. His game depended on concentration and discipline instead of natural talent.

Sir Alastair Cook - England Cricket Players

Jack Hobbs

The classiest player in England’s history.

Jack Hobbs - England Cricket Players

Stuart Broad

Broad is a streaky bowler. A true competitor, Broad has a knack for delivering in the biggest moments, being the hero when England needed a breakthrough.

Stuart Broad - England Cricket Players