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8 Fun Educational Activities for Kids

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COVID-19 pandemic has driven parents to go around in search of discovering interesting educational activities for children to keep them engaged in something productive. This lockdown has been very exhausting and depressing for adults, we can only imagine the affect it had on kids. Its really important to keep children engaged in productive activities which increase their creativity, knowledge and occupies enough time.

Learning For Preschoolers Activities

English Alphabets

Teach your kids alphabets by making them listen to poems and playing small games in which they repeat the alphabets several times.


Correct pronunciation of alphabets is very important for children at smaller ages. Make them repeat the sounds of alphabets after you while you’re cooking or doing other everyday chores. This way you will be continuing your everyday chores while spending time with your children.

DIY Activities

Creativity in preschoolers is way more important than academics. An example of using DIY to teach kids is using pipe cleaners to form letters.

Identifying Colors

Children find colors interesting and love colorful things hence they learn about colors in an early age. Help them recognize colors, ask them about their favorite color and the color of their clothes, toys etc.

Develop Counting Skills

Every preschooler should know their numbers at least till 10. You can play various games while teaching them to keep their interest and it also makes it easier to remember for kids.

Purchase Fun Learning Games For Kids

Learning becomes easy for kids when it in the form of games or animated videos. Play those small games with your children to ensure productivity.

Fun Educational Games For Kids

Science Experiments

There are loads of harmless science experiments that your child can try at home with basic ingredients. Guide your kids to carry out simple experiments under your observation. This can be very interesting and help them learn what they couldn’t in school!

Plant A Garden

You will be surprised when you see the development in your child after gardening. They become more responsible and organized. They can now relate to most of the things their science teacher teaches them about plants.


Buy simple puzzles for your kids and ask them to fix it within a time limit. This challenges their creativity and critical thinking.

Learn Spellings With Scrabble!

A fun game which will help in remembering simple and complex spellings!