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Certifications and Courses That Differentiate You When You Apply for Jobs

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When you step into the professional world you realize that good academics isn’t all that you need to ensure a satisfactory job. What recruiters look for in their potential candidates is the ability to apply their knowledge, skills, qualifications and other relevant courses, areas of expertise and most importantly their achievements. There are a few professional certifications that challenge professional development and help you enhance your existential skills. These little things are also what will differentiate you from most of the employees.

Certifications & Courses That Help Boost Your Rank When Applying For Job?

1) Project Management Certifications (PMP)

Anyone can claim verbally that they possess project management skills, but obviously a proper certification adds a great deal of value to the individuals profile. Professionals with this qualification tend to follow a more sophisticated and matured approach to tackle problematic situations.

2) Google Certifications (Publisher, Analytics, Ad Words, etc.)

Google offers a tremendous range of certifications which you can benefit from regardless of your field. Whether you’re pursuing a career in data science, digital marketing or software engineering there’s a high chance that Google has certification for you! Professionals rarely have these certifications and it’s mostly what recruiters look for in their potential employees as these courses give you a complete coverage on analytics, setting up goals and tracking data collection.

3) Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert - MCSE

This certification will be majorly helpful if you are an IT professional. It validates your technical skills through industry-proven and accurate exams.

4) Human Resource Certifications

This certification will give your resume the exceptional boost it needs if you are working in the Human Resource department. Certification of this course will teach you the basic principles of human resource which will further help you relate with your co-workers and other staffs.

5) Marketing Certifications

If you are pursuing the marketing sector, undertaking a few famous courses will be very helpful for you and will definitely set you apart from others. Marketing certifications are particularly useful as they give you useful insights for social media marketing due to numerous social media platforms available now.

6) Language Courses

If you’re applying to a multinational company for assistant roles different languages will definitely help you increase your chances in being selected. If you’re applying for a professional role its necessary that you have good conversational skills.