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Formal or Casual

What Should You Wear On Occasions?


Can’t decide on what to wear on occasions? Well, looks like you’ve stumbled upon the solution! Deciding what to wear while staying within the fashion boundaries is always a challenge for women. The horror of being overdressed at a causal college function or underdressed at a family wedding is not something you would want to go through. Trust me it scares you for life!

Formal Wear

A lot of occasions in our daily life call out for formal wear. Office wear, college/university daily outfits, professional events and even family gatherings require us to be elegantly dressed and make a fashion statement regardless.

Business Formal Wear

Dress shirt and a coat pant can never go wrong for a business attire. Attending important meetings and events are all about making an impact, a good positive influence on the senior management. Although your knowledge and confidence is what helps you in that area, elegant dressing boosts your confidence and is actually what portrays your first impression. A simple dress shirt and a black, blue or beige coat pant and minimum jewelry, obviously with a pair of high heels is the best professional outfit you could choose.

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Formal Party Wear

Are you facing the dilemma of deciding what to wear at an upcoming wedding? The wedding season comes bearing love and happiness in the air, but also with the stress of choosing the perfect dress for the upcoming wedding.

During winters, nothing beats a long embroidered dark colored dress with stunning jewelry and splendid heels. While summer weddings call for short light colored dresses with a refreshing look and cute little sandals.

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Casual Wear

Casual clothes give a sense of comfort to women and help them meet the demands and deadlines of their everyday schedule. Casual clothes give a freestyle look, make women feel and look beautiful. Whether it’s a casual work costume or a gorgeous casual summer dress both feel heavenly.

Wear blue jeans and pair it with a pink sweatshirt, or a black jeans paired with a mustard off-shoulder shirt, or shorts paired with a casual T-shirt and look prettier than ever! Casual clothes include jeans, pants, T-shirts, shorts, dresses, and off-shoulder shirts, long and short skirts. Casual wear can be styled beautifully with light make-up, gorgeous jewelry, a cute bag and cute sandals. Nothing is better than a comfy and funky dressing.

Casual Wear?