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Is An Objective In A Resume Really Necessary?

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To land an interview you need a solid resume which is built to impress recruiters and hiring managers. Recruiters scan your resume to look for the answer to a simple question:

“Why Should We Hire You?”

Hence, ensure that your resume answers that question with real evidence that backs up your statement. This part is usually answered under the heading of main objectives for the resume.

What Does An Objective For Resume Really Mean?

A career objective also known as resume objective is a short meaningful statement that explains your value proposition to the company. Furthermore, it highlights your skills, qualifications and work experiences which further elaborates why you will be the best fit candidate for the available job!

A good objective statement has 3 main points:

Short, On Point Statement

Write 3-4 sentences explaining why you applied for the position and your future plans (where you see yourself in the near future). Don’t forget to mention the qualities which makes you think you deserve the job.

Value Proposition

You are using your resume to sell your skills and qualifications. It should consist of information which increases your worth in the eyes of the hiring managers.

Best Fit Candidate

Beware! Companies are no longer interested in candidates with a bright academic background. They are willing to learn if you can adapt easily to their work environment and if you possess the skills required to perform the job efficiently. The resume objective is your opportunity to elaborate your skills and abilities. Remember to use powerful and positive words to describe your skills and abilities.

Purpose Of Objective Statement

Prime purpose is to pique the interest of the person reviewing your resume. The first paragraph should always be engaging enough to keep the reader intrigued. Your objective basically talks about your future aims and what you can do for the company.

If your objective statement impresses the reader they will proceed to the rest of your resume in search of evidence to back up your claims. Make sure that your statements are validated through your achievements, skills and educational qualifications.

Importance Of Objective Statement

Some people think that an objective statement is no longer relevant in a resume, and they can’t be more delusional. An objective statement acts as your voice on your resume. It gives the hiring manager a chance to know more about you as a professional.

Career statement is usually written right after your contact information, so obviously the recruiters will go through your objective statement. And if your statement manages to impress the recruiter then there’s a high chance that you’ll be shortlisted for the interview.

Tips For Writing Your Own Objective For A Resume:

Highlight how the company will be benefitted by you. Mention why you think you are a good fit for the job you’re applying.

Avoid vague statements. Be clear about your career goals and what you expect from the job role.

Keep your statement concise and to the point. Sifting through thousands of resumes recruiters won’t bother reading a lengthy resume. Hence stay to the point and don’t elaborate unnecessarily.

How To Ensure A Perfect Objective Statement And A Professional Resume?

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