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Tips for Turning Internship to a Permanent Job


Internship in a well reputed organization is a great opportunity for any undergraduate or fresh graduates. This gives them a breakthrough in their respective industry where they get the required exposure and make new useful connections. Many highly ranked global firms offer graduate internships to enthusiastic and capable students.

Often time’s companies use the interning process to try out new employees before promoting them to full time jobs. Although, internships are important for ambitious individuals as it adds to their value and gives them the ability to develop new skills and gain tremendous experience. It is also a process for the recruiters to decide whether you are compatible in their company and are deserving enough to be hired permanently.

There are chances that the organizations you are interning at keep you on part time job till you don’t find a permanent job somewhere else. This can be the period where they test your skills and abilities and are still in the process of deciding whether you are a deserving applicant for the full time job.

By the time your internship contract comes to end, everyone has just one question in their mind: “Will I be promoted to a full time job?” The stress of financial instability and your future eats up at you and it’s one of the most stressful time of your life. If you are an intern struggling to get a full time job, I recommend you follow these 5 steps that will surely increase your chances of turning your internship to a full time job!

The Five Key Steps Are:

Make a good Impression

There are no second chances for a first impression! Ensure you give your best front during the initial stage of your internship at least.

Establish your end goals and work towards them

Your recruiters should be aware of your end goals and what you expect from your internship. Hence, it’s important that you identify them first and ensure its known to others.

Network, Connections and Contacts!

Interns who understand the importance of connections are mostly the ones who end up getting promoted. It’s vital that you are on good terms with everyone in your organization.

Prove your work ethics and engagement

These are the two main qualities recruiters search for in an employee. They expect high quality work from their internees, which increases your worth in their eyes.

Ensure that your supervisors are aware that you are interested in a full time job

Your biggest mistake would be assuming that your supervisor knows what you are aiming for. Speak up and ensure that they are aware about your interests.

Don’t forget, at times companies might hire interns as they are in need of extra employees but can’t give full time jobs to everyone due to the headcount of employees. Sometimes it’s about the space! Don’t be disheartened and keep searching, you’ll eventually get a great position.