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What’s your form of art?


‘Form’ in terms of art refers to the 3-Dimensional objects. Objects that have length, height and width. The world we live in is full of forms of different kinds. Artists have a strong understanding of these objects and use it for various types of arts. Form is one of the seven elements of art that an artist follows to produce a work of art. There are two types of forms:

1) Geometric Forms


2) Organic Forms


Natural Forms Art

It’s the type of art that uses object in their natural form, which haven’t been altered or manipulated and are in their original form as found in nature. Through talented artists, naturally existing nature can also be represented as the exact splitting image of the original object.

Artists exhibiting natural form use trees, flowers, birds, leaves, spine, fruits and every 3D existing shape in the nature as their muse. It is indeed a very beautiful type of art.

Some natural art pieces by famous artists are:

natural form of art

What exactly is art?

Not exactly a question people frequently ask because well its common knowledge! But if you think about it most of us aren’t really aware of what art really is. Art is a highly diverse range of human activities engaged in creating visual, auditory, or performed artifacts— artworks—that express the artist’s imaginative and technical skills. These pieces of beauty are meant to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

The oldest documented forms of art are visual arts, which include sceneries or objects in fields like painting, sculpture, videography, photography, and other visual media. Architecture is known as one of the visual arts; however, like the decorative arts, it involves the creation of objects where the practical considerations of use are essential, in a way that they usually are not in another visual art, like a painting.

Art is often examined through the interaction of the principles and elements of art. The principles of art include movement, unity, harmony, variety, balance, contrast, proportion and pattern. The elements include texture, form, space, shape, color, value and line.

Art is pretty ancient, it has developed over the years. Who would’ve thought that art wouldn’t always be on paper and canvases? One of the latest and most common type of art is all digital. Doesn’t require a canvas, everything is computer based. This type of art is known as graphic arts and algorithmic art.